5 Guys You’ve Dated More Than Once

We’ve all been there and done that. And by that, I mean dated guys that were entirely wrong for us because we like learning things the hard way.

Unless you’re still with one of these guys, it’s about time you laugh about all of your dating mistakes, because you’re not the only one.

The Player:

Ah, the one we so desperately tried to change and chain down with a relationship and commitment. It didn’t matter how sweet, beautiful, fit you were, his eyes were always wandering.

Such a shame when you realize you can’t change someone and they have a lot of growing up to do before making any serious commitments in the future. Now you kind of feel sorry for their current girlfriend because she has to deal with the same paranoia you did.

The Romantic:

Love poems, grand gestures, and lovey-dovey nicknames are all this relationship consisted of. You couldn’t believe someone so perfect existed until he started annoying you.

Not saying all girls love bad boys but if you’re too romantic and sweet all the time there tends to be no excitement. Nice guys do finish last sometimes, and we probably ended things because he was too hubby material.

The Coaster:

So many ups and downs you don’t know where to begin. Your relationship was a soap opera, and everyone in your life got a little sick of hearing about your drama, but you couldn’t resist.

The same uncalled for fights and steamy makeup sex sessions were too enjoyable to call it quits. It was like you were both on your period at the same time.

You soon realized there is only room for one drama queen in the relationship and it had to be you.

The Clown:

There’s nothing sexier than someone with a good sense of humor who can make you laugh until you pee yourself.

He was always making jokes even if it was at your expense and you couldn’t see yourself getting sick of him, ever!

Until you needed to be serious with him and he couldn’t keep a straight face for more than two minutes.

The Hot Dummy:

He was just too cute to resist, and you were hoping he wasn’t as dumb as he was coming off. You realized you were optimistic and he is much dumber than you could imagine.

Even though the sex was the bomb, it was still hard to get passed the lack of intellectual conversations he couldn’t hold for the life of him. You probably turned the relationship into sex only because you couldn’t bear to listen to him talk nonsense for hours on end.

He’s probably still out there breaking girls hearts with his bad grammar, but you still had a good run with him for what it’s worth.

Sometimes it’s nice to go down memory lane of all the hotties, naughty’s and sweethearts that you had to give the boot.

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